Values and guidelines

Our company development is based on an overarching vision/mission and – at division level – a regularly updated strategy plus corporate guidelines.

We pursue long-term investments, ensure that all business activities and decisions are geared towards conserving resources and protecting the climate, and value diversity (as regards gender, ethnic origins, etc.) as an element of sustainable corporate governance.

Our operations and business models have a promising future and are capable of generating sustainable, positive results.

Any risks we take in connection with our corporate development are calculable. We safeguard our corporate/financial independence to avoid coming under pressure.

Our leadership culture is hallmarked by fairness, appreciation, professionalism, conscientiousness, good teamwork, a healthy focus on results, and social responsibility.

We relish opportunities to develop our company and are highly committed to its evolution.

We recruit and retain top talent for our functional areas and accountable roles. To achieve this, we make sure we offer an attractive working environment consisting of very good earning opportunities, targeted training, coaching and health programmes, and a flexible working model based on the needs of co-workers and the company. This includes working-hour options and opportunities to work from home.

Social and societal responsibility shape our business activities.