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We at the HOS Group have been commercially active in the textile, renewable energy and property sectors for seven generations. We are delighted at your interest in our company!

The Management

Dirk Otto

Managing Director
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Frank Reiner

Financial and Administration Management
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Andreas Decker

Head of project development
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Peter Fix

Architect, Facility Management
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Our Roots

The HOS Group can look back across 200 years of company history. In 1816, Immanuel Friedrich Otto founded a Turkish red dyeing factory in Nürtingen am Neckar.
Immanuel Friedrich Otto was a cosmopolitan figure fascinated by new technology and romantic literature. He commissioned a clockmaker in Paris to build a spinning machine using construction plans from England. This was a visionary step at a time when the conservative King Wilhelm I of Württemberg still saw the future in agriculture, and also initiated the expansion of a company with one of the richest traditions in Southern Germany’s industrial history.
The family was operating nine textile production sites between Neckartenzlingen and Reichenbach an der Fils as the second and third generations saw the business flourish. They also attempted to grow cotton on their own plantation in German East Africa (modern-day Tanzania) at the beginning of the 19th Century.

Otto Textil GmbH

Otto Textil GmbH’s modern spinning plant has been in operation behind the listed façade at Wendlingen-Unterboihingen since 1861. The group is a specialist supplier of high-performance yarns for clothing and household textiles as well as medical applications. Besides special yarns developed exclusively for individual customers, the product range primarily consists of synthetic yarns for, among other things, high-quality sports labels and technical applications.

Luxorette-Haustextilien GmbH

Arrive! Make yourself comfortable! Feel at home! Our superbly stocked Luxorette retail store with sewing and alteration service is housed in the loft-style rooms of the historically preserved spinning plant (www.neckarspinnerei-quartier.de) on the Otto grounds. As a specialist for bedding and linen, terry cloth, table and kitchenware, home accessories and decorative items, the store is well-known in the region as a shopping destination.


There is a tradition of using local hydro power at HOS which stretches back to 1816. In the early days of industrialisation, it was used to power textile machines directly via drive shafts and belts, whereas the electricity created by the plants today is fed into the national grid. Thus, the HOS group operates and maintains three hydroelectric power plants at Neckar with a total installed capacity of 1.3 MW. There are hardly any locations in Germany where new hydroelectric plants could be built. In order to increase production nonetheless, we are continuously extending and modernising our existing facilities. Comprehensive modernisation measures are planned for the next couple of years in order to fulfil the statutory obligation to ensure river creatures can also pass through weir systems.

Project Development

As a family company in its seventh generation, the HOS group can look back on its history with pride and considers itself privileged to be able to work according to values fostered across two centuries. Many people have contributed with energy and passion to be able to write industrial history in front of Stuttgart’s gates and, as part of that process, to construct buildings of great importance in the history of architecture. This becomes particularly clear when you look at the grounds of almost ten hectares and the historical buildings located in them from the roof of the Wendlingen boiler house, when you enter the water turbine house from 1886 or should you browse through the cabinet-high archives that contain a treasure-trove of drawings from every single phase of construction. As with previous generations in the textile industry, the HOS Group also has a fundamental vision today. With the development of the Otto Quartier, it wants to offer something truly exceptional to the residents of Wendlingen, the borough and the region: a piece of history which can be experienced first-hand in the form of a vibrant, urban city quarter that brings together work, leisure and living in one place.

Current rental offers

We are frequently able to let individual buildings and/or spaces from the HOS Group’s historical, architecturally significant and diverse property portfolio in Wendlingen, Unterboihingen, Neckarhausen and Köngen. You can find our current offers here:


If you are interested, please contact: Peter Fix, T +49 7024 946-181, fix@hos-gruppe.de